Posted by: breathejoyinlife | July 14, 2010

Can we truly LOVE Everything? Everyone?

I say a resounding “YES!!!!” to the question!  Miriam-Webster defines “Love”  as ” strong affection for another arising out of kinship or personal ties”, “warm attachment, enthusiasm, or devotion”, and “unselfish loyal and benevolent concern for the good of another”.  Also found is “a strong positive emotion of regard and affection”.  Often, in this human experience, we find the need to equate “Love” with sexual attraction, but I think that, from most of our experiences, we’ve found that they don’t necessarily go hand-in-hand, lol.  Certainly there is Love that we feel for family and friends that is well outside the realm of physical attraction, lol.

If the goal in this lifetime is to connect with Source (Creator/Universe/God/Goddess/All-That-Is), then we can begin to do so in Love.  We recognize that, as any good Parent would, Creator Loves all of Creation, UNconditionally, each the same.  That doesn’t mean that there aren’t different ways to Love, but all levels are equal, in an UNconditional setting.  In reaching toward connecting, and reuniting with Source, we must learn to Love Everything on an UNconditional level.  A “condition” is defined as “a restricting or modifying factor”.  So, conditioned Love is when you say you will “Love someone/something, as long as…”- as long as the flower smells nice, as long as you treat me the way I want you to, as long as you behave.  UNconditional Love says, “I Love you, no matter what”.  To Love ALL things, UNconditionally, we cannot place the value of one over the other.  I Love the strawberry and the lima bean equally!  I love the rose and the daisy the same!  That doesn’t mean that I don’t prefer the taste of the strawberry more that the lima bean, lol.  In fact, I don’t enJOY the flavor of the lima bean much, at all, lol.   To “like” something is “to take pleasure” in it.  To “prefer” something is “to place above” others.  Yes, I place the enJOYment of the strawberry’s flavor over that of the lima bean.  I don’t really take much pleasure from the lima bean.  BUT, I Love them both the same, UNconditionally!  “How?”, you might ask, laughingly.  I feel that “regard and affection” for the life-force of both, equally.  I feel the “kinship” of both living beings.  I feel “benevolent concern for the well being” of both.  The same holds true for the rose and the daisy!  I may “prefer” the scent of the rose, but I Love them both, and feel drawn to each at different times.

How, then, does that relate to Human relationships?  I can feel the energy exchange between myself and another person through a hug, or even a handshake, or nod of the head.  I become more sensitive to that, the more I grow as a Spiritual person.  Just as I can feel the energy exchange with the bird, that just flew under the awning with me.  Or with the trees, when they send a cool breeze my way on a hot day.  There is an energy exchange with everything within this Human experience, even more so between Humans themselves.  That simple touch of a hug can transfer so much Love!  With an UNconditional Love, it has no limits, and it has no restriction.  My Spirit, connecting with the Spirit of another.  In Spirit, there is no need for ownership, or sexual overtones, because Spirit does not work on that level.  As Humans, we do, you say.  Yes, but, we are also striving to reach Spirit.  We seek to achieve the state of BEing Spirit, one with the Source.  In doing so, we can remove those limitations, Loving each other.

If I can feel the energy exchange with each and every being I come in contact with, and Love UNconditionally, then I no longer place value of one over the other.  The same should be true in our personal relationships with each other.  I may Love my lover, but that doesn’t mean that I Love him any more than anyone else on this planet.  We might think that this is a necessary part of the Human relationship between lovers, but I ask you “why?”.  I Love both of my children, UNconditionally, neither one taking place over the other.  Why can I not Love all people, UNconditionally, no one taking a place over another?  By placing names on relationships, we tend to limit them, creating a possessiveness that can eventually cause harm or confusion.  When we say “MY boy/girl friend”, “MY husband/wife”, “MY partner”, even “MY lover” or “MY friend”, those terms tend to imply a status of them “belonging to ME”.  While the terms themselves don’t necessarily imply that possessiveness (partner, friend), there is still a tendency within those Human relationships to make sure that everyone knows that we might not want to share.

A dear friend likes to use the analogy of the flower.  If I find a lovely flower, I can admire it, enJOYing how sweet it smells, how lovely it looks.  I can pick that flower and place it lovingly in a vase, and care for it perfectly, and enJOY it. This would be the “honeymoon phase”.  But, the flower will eventually stop growing, and shrivel up and die.  If I leave it where it is, and allow others to share in its beauty, it will be allowed to grow to its fullest extent, and be there whenever I wish to enJOY it, as well as when others wish to enJOY.

If we limit our relationships with others, we pick that flower, and it will no longer be free to grow to its fullest potential.  Not all relationships necessarily hamper the people involved, but the freedom to explore and express one’s self is not usually implied.  Somewhere along the way, we lost the feeling of being connected to the Source, and in that, we lost some of the feeling of “belonging” or “being Loved”.  Perhaps early on we were caught up in the battle of one wanting power over the other, in order to attempt to feel closer to Source.  Who knows how it all began, but as I strive to move closer to Source, I must let go of those feelings.  We tend to turn to a lover or friend, seeking to feel that sense of “belonging”, looking for a validation of our own BEing.  Yet, when we begin to Love our Selves, UNconditionally, we no longer need to turn to others for that feeling.  Then we can begin to Love everyone, everything, UNconditionally.  When being introduced to someone as “MY partner/friend/etc, Andrea”, why should that make me feel any more welcomed into the situation than simply being introduced as “Andrea”?  It should NOT, if I am comfortable with who *I* am!

The ideal in Human relationships is for All to be able share in the exchange of energy, in UNconditional Love.  If I arrive at a function with “A”, and “X” seems to be an interesting person to spend time with, and we are obviously exchanging and sharing energy, why should anyone see that as lessening the relationship I have with “A”?  They are separate relationships, yet connected through me, and both benefit from sharing in my experience with the other.  That doesn’t mean that I’d say I’m going “bed-hopping”, lol.  Neither energy exchange ever needs to be on the physical place, other than maybe a hug.  When I sit and spend time talking with a friend, that is an exchange of energy, never sexual, but still beautiful, even euphoric at times.  In our conversation, we may help each other reach new heights, new levels of awareness, new Spiritual awakening.  Awakening to Spirit is euphoric, “a sense of well-being, or elation”!

So, I sing out to the Universe, “I LOVE EVERYTHING! UNconditionally!”  That includes Loving every ONE!   I LOVE YOU!

~Woman Who Walks Through Spirit



  1. Thank you Andrea – very well written

  2. As Andrea said very well said. Thank You for listening to your heart when writing this.

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