Posted by: breathejoyinlife | July 15, 2010

“Right” and Wrong”

As an energy worker, I recognize that the words “wrong” and “right”, between 2 individuals, in an exchange, would create a loss of personal power, or a gain. To be told that you are “wrong”, creates a defensive posture, and a loss of personal power. To be told that you are “right”, gives you a false gain of power and security.  That closes the door to more information about a situation. Through my observation, to “agree” or “disagree” leaves a conversation in balance. To “agree” means no one feels less-than. To “disagree” with someone allows me to be open to more information, so that we may come to some kind of agreement. This allows the conversation to remain a balanced exchange of energy, because we will be able to Agree, that we Disagree, until further information is available, on either side of the coversation.

The question was asked, “Does this mean I CAN agree to disagree with someone and we are still in a balance of sorts, or I Can’t because  it leaves things unfished and unresloved which tends to throw me off?”

It doesn’t leave it unfinished. If you finish a conversation, and you both agree to disagree, it leaves both of you open for more information. You may still disagree, but you will know where you stand. That is finishing it. If you can’t find the footing to agree, why waste the energy any further. You are both standing on your truth, so there is no right or wrong.


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