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On the way to Pittsburg, NH, coming into the mountains, a little church we passed had a great quote posted- “When life knocks you on your knees, come pray here.”  I loved that, because of the scenery, knowing that all around us is the perfect place to pray.  Every moment that we breathe we should be in prayer.  We shouldn’t wait until we are knocked to our knees to think about turning to the Sacred.

It amazes me how our perspective can effect how we experience our lives.  When we are worried about the “struggle” of every day life, of going to work and trying to get ahead, that is what it becomes.  When we do what we Love and Love what we do, there is no “work”.  When we relax and let the Universe provide, trusting and knowing that it will happen as and when it needs to, it does.

Watching the carpenter, who loves working with wood, and building, it doesn’t look like work.  For him, it is NOT work, it is life, it is doing what he enjoys more than anything.  When I am doing the “job” that I love, it is never really work.  Whether it is working on a massage client, bringing them to a place of healing, or it is building butterfly hairclips or jewelry for sale, or building the website store front, it is never work.  It is always a blessing! I have finally found that if I spend my life as it was meant to be, in JOY, with Spirit, walking in a Sacred Way, what I need will come to me, and I can manage all of the details that I must take care of to maintain the daily things like food, a home, etc.  Sometimes I might even find a little extra to be able to treat myself, lol.  There is never “work”, so everyday is a “vacation”.

I have watched so many people around me, all around the world, with the “struggle” that life can become.  It saddens me to see so many who are not able to find the JOY in every moment.  I have been there, and I do not like it.  I can tell when I am getting drawn back into that sense of urgency and struggle, and am finally in a place that I can recognize it, and know that I do not like it, lol.  I am incredibly grateful for people in my life that help to keep me aware of the JOY of the moments, every moment.

I understand that “struggle”, because about 6 years ago, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.  I was told that the effects had been present for some time in my life, slowly pushing their effects forward.  My mother had been diagnosed 25 years earlier, and I had spent much time feeling that she “just needed to get out and do more” to help “fix it”.  Funny, now I was in the place that I knew- you really don’t “get” MS unless you get MS.  For much of the past 6 years, it had been a daily process of waking up, not really knowing how well I will be able to get around, until I tried to get out of bed, lol.

For the first few years, it was a “struggle”, a “trauma” of sorts.  Loosing some of my vision, control of my hands at times, difficulty walking, all of which would leave me wondering what the future would bring.  Somewhere along the way I Woke Up.  I am still able to type this blog post, so I have enough full use of my hands.  I can still provide a good massage, and reiki treatments, so those hands can be put to good use.  I am still able to walk, some days better than others, but I can get around and do all of the things that I need to do, that I love to do.  This spring I managed to climb a mountain!  It wasn’t “easy”, I needed many rest stops, and there were times I almost told my companion to go on without me, but I made it to the top, and then back down, without falling.  I was still able to move the next day, lol.  Without the encouragement I received that day, I don’t know if I would have made it, but I would also never have done it if I had let myself wallow in self-pity over the “struggle”.  It was an empowering experience!  I may not be able to go on the daily walks I would love to be able to take, but I climbed a mountain.  And I don’t feel that I am missing out, because every day is a new adventure, and tomorrow, I just might wake up and be able to take that walk.

I find that it isn’t a “struggle”, and the “challenge” part is a daily lesson in how to adapt.  I rarely talk about “having MS”, altho I find I am more open now than I used to be, because I am more comfortable with myself.  I don’t “have” MS, I was “diagnosed with” it.  It is not “my condition/disease”, I do not own it, it does not own me, lol.  I work on a daily basis to find the place of balance within my Self, that helps me to find balance in my body.  I allow myself to take it slowly when my body gets tired, and make sure that I go to bed early enough to get as much sleep as I can. I sometimes get frustrated when my fingers won’t handle beads or feathers without some challenge, but to create such beautiful things, inspired by Spirit, makes every challenging moment a blessing.  I see more now than I ever did before, because I no longer worry about what my eyes can see, but what my heart and spirit can see.

I find the rest of my life to be the same.  If I focus too closely on “where will the money come to pay this month’s electric bill”, then I have created that struggle.  When I know within myself that the things that need to be paid, will be paid as needed, because all will come to me when I need it, there is no “struggle”, and things fall into place.  Sometimes that means a trip somewhere to make some sales, or do some “work”.  And often that “work” is not necessarily the kind that would give me cash, but the kind that shows me how much Spirit provides for me.  A place to sleep for the night, food to share, provided by a friend, all ease any kind of “burden” that might have existed.  Simply knowing that I am Loved, for who I am, UNconditionally, is the most fulfilling “payment” that I could ever ask for.

I do not believe in limited resources.  I believe this is an infinite Universe, and that the limitations that we run into are those that we have agreed upon.  I do not accept this limitation, and allow myself to reach for everything that I desire.  My desires are much more simple now than they ever were when I was caught up in the “struggle of limitations”.  The things that I see and feel and experience today, are things that are more priceless than anything I could have ever imagined before.  The “challenges” that I might experience on a physical body level, only make every experience that much more Sacred of a Blessing!
So, going back to the beginning of this blog, I encourage you to LIVE your Life, with every moment in Prayer!  All around you, every tree, blade of grass, cloud in the sky, are the places that we should be looking to as our Place of Worship.  Live in gratitude for the simplest of things, and the Universe hears your JOY.  Joy breeds more JOY, and more is provided to you.  It doesn’t matter how it looks to anyone else around you.  Its doesn’t matter how big your house is, how expensive your car, you won’t care anymore, lol.  When every day is a “vacation” because you are in JOY and gratitude, every action is Sacred “work”, your whole perspective changes.

~Woman Who Walks Through Spirit


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