Posted by: breathejoyinlife | November 13, 2010

The “New” Relationships

New Sacred relationships.

As we come into a place of Awakening, we are feeling more connections to each other, on a Spiritual level. These connections can be intense, and often misunderstood, misinterpreted. The connection with another, on this level, can bring a sense of “euphoria”, being almost “orgasmic”, and lead us to the sense of “falling in love”. There is a “falling in Love” with the other, but it is not something that needs to be interpreted from the physical level, the sexual attraction, etc, that our traditional view of relationships implies. This Love is a part of the UNconditional Love that knows no boundaries.

As we grow, we become more aware of each other’s energies. When we become open in this way, this allows others to share our personal energy fields. When we trust each other to make that kind of connection, we are feeling an inevitable sense of intimacy, which we have been taught to reserve for a sexual partner. As we move into higher levels of consciousness, we become more aware of this level of “intimacy”, which tends to lead to the assumption that there is a “more” that is “meant to be”, often leading to a physical relationship that may not be the healthiest choice for those involved. Recognize, that in these situations, we are dealing with feelings, and we tend to re-act to those, rather than respond. A Re-action would be taking action, strictly based on the feeling. A response would be the stepping back from that feeling, examining it thoroughly and coming to an understanding of its origin, before taking action.

These higher vibrational connections are part of what have been called “Soul Mates” or “Twin Flames”. In the lower vibrational levels that we functioned in, in the past, these connections of “Soul Mates” and “Twin Flames” were harder to recognize in our relationships with others. As we become more familiar with the new energies, we recognize many more people that resonate with our own personal energy. This has led us to the realization that “Soul Mates” can be a sister/brother or best friend. We connect with each other on a “Soul level”, creating “Soul Mates”. We tend to look for a “Twin Flame” relationship, seeking a partner that has qualities that we do not yet find in our Selves, in order to find a wholeness. What is often forgotten is that the “Twin Flames” must reside within the Self.

We all hold aspects of the Masculine and Feminine energies. We must realize that the “Twin Flames”, the Masculine and Feminine, hold a sacred place within the individual, and that only by finding the balance of both, within the Self, can we find the wholeness we seek. In the Orient, the concept of Yin-Yang shows the perfect balance between opposing, yet complimenting, polarities. The visual of the Yin-Yang symbol shows the balance of the white and black sides of the sacred circle, spiraling together, chasing each other, always in balance. These aspects of the circle represent the polarities of the Male and Female energies. They form the circle, together, balancing each other, each holding the energy of the other within. Without both halves, the circle cannot be whole. With the Wholeness of the Being, we find both polarities within our Self. We come to the meeting of the “Twin Flames” within. When we can find that balance of wholeness, when we unite the “Twin Flames” within the Self, we can move forward to the relationships that bring us closer to a Universal Spiritual level.

When we meet on a Spiritual level, when we feel the “intimacy” of that connection, we are making a connection with UNconditional Love, Love without conditions, without boundaries. This is the Love that the Creator (God/Goddess/Spirit/Universe/Source,etc) feels for all of Creation. The Love that brings us closer to that Source. All Souls are equal, not one more valued than another. When we judge that Love on the level of “traditional relationships”, we do a disservice to that UNconditional aspect of intimacy. In order to continue on this path of growth, moving closer to the Source, we find this a difficult, yet necessary, step in our development. In finding our Oneness, we must acknowledge and accept these “new” relationships, these “new” levels of “intimacy”.

The ideal in Human relationships is for All to be able share in the exchange of energy, in UNconditional Love. If you arrive at a function with “A”, and “X” seems to be an interesting person to spend time with, and you are obviously exchanging and sharing energy, why should anyone see that as lessening the relationship that you have with “A”? They are separate relationships, yet connected through you, and both benefit from sharing in your experience with the other. That doesn’t mean that you should be “bed-hopping”. Neither energy exchange ever needs to be on the physical plane, other than maybe a hug. When you sit and spend time talking with a friend, that is an exchange of energy, never sexual, but still beautiful, even euphoric at times. In your conversation, you may help each other reach new heights, new levels of awareness, new Spiritual awakening. Awakening to Spirit is euphoric, “a sense of well-being, or elation”!

Take note, changes have been in process for centuries. Slowly, but surely, these changes have come to the forefront, as we move closer to this new level of Consciousness. Because of the patterns that we have agreed upon for all of these centuries, we often find these “new” relationships confusing. That is simply a symptom of Growth. We will find our way through this stage, through complete honesty, with our Selves, and with each other.

In JOY and Love,
Seven Star
Woman Who Walks Through Spirit


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