Posted by: breathejoyinlife | November 17, 2010

The Lion roars, and the Eagle cries.

The Lion roars, and the Eagle cries. The new dawn is breaking, the light begins to shine through. And so we begin to see.

As humans, we are being asked to make some difficult observations, at this time. The children in our country are crying out for help, and we must question the assistance that they are being offered. They are learning from the example of the adults that surround them, needing to be medicated in order to feel that they are functional in today’s “normal society”.

The expectation of today’s “normal society” is the children who are well behaved and controllable, and the adult that works at their job, paying the bills, trying to get ahead, for fleeting moments of enjoyment. The adult, is also well behaved, and controllable. The cycle continues, day after day, so that the “pegs” all fit in the right “holes”. There is little room for the individual to be expressed, and to grow as a Being.

Over the years, there has been an acknowledgement of children being born into this world with a heightened awareness- Indigo Children, Crystal Children, Rainbow Children, Star Children. All of these are children who have come into the world, much more aware of the energies around them, and far more sensitive to their environment. Many of today’s adults are also in those categories, having tried to grow up with those sensitivities, with great confusion. As we try to grow, as spiritual beings having a human experience, it is time to recognize those new levels of awareness, and leave the Human Race, in order to become Human Beings. These are the people who come into this lifetime with empathic, telepathic, and psychic abilities, ESP, etc. Many adults today have spent their lifetime burying these abilities, so that they can “fit in the right hole”.

The “normal” response in today’s society, tends to be an attempt to quiet the sensitivities, making sure that the individual still “fits into the right hole”. In doing so, we diagnose new disorders that fit the “symptoms” of those awarenesses, and medicate them into silence. ADHA, Autism Spectrum, Depression, Anxiety, Bi Polar Disorder, Schizophrenia, etc (they are making up new ones all the time, lol), all on the rise in this country. Labels to place on the individual, boxes to place them in so that they “fit” somewhere. When the child learns that they have a “label”, they are often given a “way out”, an excuse for their behavior, which may serve them to the extent that the adults around them understand that they are “different”, but does a disservice in allowing them to always have that reason to not have to take responsibility for their own actions. Children with these awarenesses (disorders???), may be more difficult to manage, to teach, within the “normal society”.

While we acknowledge that there are valid “mental illnesses”, with all of the difficulties that go with those disorders, there are many instances where there are other underlying causes, that are going unnoticed. If you are hearing a voice (clairaudient) that warns you of dangers, and you follow its instructions, you might be considered to be schizophrenic. If you spend a large amount time in a room full of people, and are experiencing an overwhelming sadness, or anxiety when you walk into a busy store, you may be empathically picking up on the feelings of the others in the room, but might be diagnosed with a depression or anxiety disorder. The number of children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders is on the rise. These children are highly sensitive to the energies around them, processing more information in their brains than most of us are capable of processing. They cannot process this information at a rate that matches our general rate of speed, therefore they find the need to “shut down” in some aspect. For them, the world around them is “thick”, difficult to navigate from a higher vibration in a world of a lower vibration. They go into a “sensory overload”, needing to close off portions of their communication skills, in order to maintain some level of clarity in some areas.

Now more children, and adults, are medicated on a regular basis, to address these types of “symptoms of awareness” (called mental illness in “normal society”). A person that feels the need to hide his/her “gifts”, will struggle with confusion with no coping skills. Such a person may be diagnosed with any number of “disorders”, and be medicated to a point of conformity, feeling numb, sleepwalking through life. Many find themselves unable to live under these conditions, and will seek answers through counseling. While there are some in the mental health field that do help try to guide the person toward tools for self-help, a large number tend toward the building of a dependency on outside help, not recognizing that these “gifts” may exist, unable to steer the individual to finding the ways to self-awareness.

This “normal society” has isolated a large portion of its population, dependent on medication and social services, needing financial support from the government agencies, to be able to “function within normal parameters”, so that they may remain controlled by those very same agencies. These people are not much different than the “junkie” that needs his/her “fix”. Without the medications, or services, they are vulnerable to their anxiety attacks, deep depression, and other symptoms of their heightened awareness, because they have not learned other coping skills.

It is important for those with heightened awareness to learn the skills necessary in order to enjoy life more, without those dependencies. Some of the skills we should be learning/teaching are:
Responding, rather than re-acting. A Re-action would be taking action, strictly based on the feeling. A response would be the stepping back from that feeling, examining it thoroughly and coming to an understanding of its origin, before taking action.
Building self-esteem. Give your self credit for achievements, recognizing that you have done the best that you could with the information that you had at hand, and that you will learn from the experience and bring the lesson forward.
Value placement. Both positive and negative experiences are necessary. If you never felt sorrow, you would have nothing to compare to, to recognize happiness. One can find Joy in accepting that both must exist.
Meditation. Bring yourself into balance, within yourself, centering, which creates a calm clarity of thought.
Reconnection to natural environment. Walking in the woods, wading in the water, contact with animals (pets), being aware of Nature around you. These are all stimulants to our wellbeing.

These are a few coping tools that can help assist one in integrating a heightened awareness with the demands of living in the world today. Walking between the worlds, that of Nature, and that which humankind created (“normal society”), can be difficult. Finding one’s strengths, and working with them, can help, when using the “tool kit” you develop.

There are times when the person “diagnosed” is not the only one in need of these tools. The caretaker will also be in need, and is sometimes the one that learns the most from the experience. This is particularly evident in the cases with autistic children. All of those same coping techniques, along with remaining open to recognizing the “gifts” that those children come to us with, can help to make the situation one that gives us opportunities for solutions that will enlighten ourselves, as well as those around us.

Imagine, being given the choice between a bath of hot water, and a bath of lukewarm water. You know that the hot water will take some adjustment time, to get used to it in order to completely submerge, but that the relaxation benefits, in the long run, will be much more rewarding. The lukewarm water may be easy to jump into, but will become cool and uncomfortable in a short period of time, not offering any benefits to your stress level, in the long run. Which do you choose? Is medicating our population similar to throwing them into the lukewarm water? A medication that helps keep you from being depressed, yet does not allow you to feel the heights of happiness, is a double edged sword. Is it not worth the effort and patience to adjust to the hot water, when the benefits can bring us to Joy? Education and honing skills, may take work and adjustment, but will have a long-term effect that can be much more rewarding. As we learn this path, and lead by example, we help future generations.

We have been taught that “being different”, being more aware of something beyond our material reality, is a problem that needs to be solved. Medicating tends to be the solution of choice these days. We pose that this is NOT a “problem”, but an opportunity for a solution, leading to the growth of the Human Being. This is only a start to, what we hope, will lead to more discussions, more ideas, on how we can create these solutions. We welcome questions, and ideas! More to come…

~ Lester Greenwood (Seven Star)
Andrea Brenton (Woman Who Walks Through Spirit)

[from Lester: I want to thank the co-creator of this posting (Andrea), for taking some of the bite, the teeth and claws, out of this blog. Without this meeting of minds, and some editing, the passion of this message would have been overpowered by the passion of my roar and cry.]


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