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A Retrieval of “Christ Consciousness” PART 1

It has come to our attention that many people these days are feeling “off balance”, that there is “something missing”, feeling a level of “disconnection”. In seeking answers to this, we have found some common threads, that leave us questioning what has been taught to the people, as “truths”. We are not here to place blame, or lessen anyone’s belief system, but there are important aspects that must be brought into our consciousnesses. These are things that have been in many people’s minds, for many years, but the level of awareness is increasing, and we need to be more in tune with these energies, in order to move forward, more balanced. The time of year that we are in currently, in relation to the cosmos, is a vital aspect of these “missing links”.

We have been, among ourselves, discussing the thirteenth zodiac sign, missing from modern astrology, that we are entering into at this time. This would be when the Sun passes through the constellation of Ophiuchus. The actual time the Sun spends in the each of the constellations is actually very different than the 30 days that the “tropical zodiac” system places them in. And there are 13 of them. Ophiuchus is shown in maps of the constellations as a man holding a serpent (or two, depending on the picture). The myth behind him is that of Asclepius, the healer. Asclepius was said to have learned healing arts, finding a way to keep death at bay, by observing two serpents. One brought healing herbs to the other. Hades was afraid that this knowledge would allow the humans to become immortal, putting him out of business as the God of Death, if Asclepius were allowed to bring his healing to the people. Hades went to his brother Zeus, and demanded he put a stop to this, so Zeus struck Asclepius down with a lightning bolt, only to place him in the night sky as a place of honoring. Other mythological figures sometimes associated with this constellation includes the Egyptian Imhotep, another healer, also the architect of the pyramids.

Somehow along the way, the honoring of the healer, has been lost, through time or ignorance. If you know someone born between Nov 30 and Dec 18, they would be born under the sign of The Healer. In fact, all of the zodiac signs would shift, if you were going by the actual passage of the Sun (and the planets) through the constellations. You can find more information about the dates of each sign, and information on the sign’s traits:

Recently, we found a wonderful article by NASA, discussing the very same event. Yes, NASA! The article can be found at To quote some of that information, “…what really happens when the sun enters the zodiac’s 13th house: An interstellar wind hits our planet. It’s a helium-rich breeze from the stars, flowing into the solar system from the direction of Ophiuchus. The sun’s gravity focuses the material into a cone and Earth passes through it during the first weeks of December. We’re inside the cone now.” This seems to happen every year, when the Sun enters Ophiuchus. Could the subconscious awareness of this energy, streaming to the earth, have something to do with the way that we react at this time of the year? Could this be some of the reason that so many of us, as we reach higher levels of awareness, are feeling “off” at this time? Interesting that this is a “helium breeze”. Maybe that’s why we are feeling so “light-headed”, lol. To quote the NASA page “What’s out there? What’s coming? The answer lies in a breeze from the stars of the 13th house.”

So, why has this important figure been left out of our conscious awareness for so long? What is it that has been neglected from our everyday lives? Somewhere along the line, we’ve taken a large portion of the population, and denied them the right to recognize that they are born under the Sign of the Healer. Not to mention, the shifts that happen across the board. When we are trying to get more in balance with the Natural Rhythm, we should become more concerned with the movement of the celestial bodies in relation to us.

The “western zodiac” system is based on an elliptic, that is structured around the start point of the Spring Equinox, and the seasons of the Northern Hemisphere. Much easier to divide the circle into 12 equal portions. While the seasonal changes on this planet are important, this system keeps us as very “earth centric”, and removes the important aspect of the actual movement of objects in the solar system. To spread our selves out into the realm of the cosmos, we should be more aware of that Natural movement.

An important aspect to note, is the removal of the *13th* sign, and the fact that, although the Sun transits through it for far longer than Scorpio, this was the sign that was chosen to be removed- the HEALER. The secret of this may lie in the traits associated with this sign. The Seeker of Peace, Healer, Wisdom, Intuitive, Builder, Reaches for the Stars. This is, on some levels, the “Christ Consciousness”. The Sun moving through this sign right before the Solsitce (see part 2 for more), the qualities of the sign, 12 disciples PLUS ONE- all point us to a pondering. Was this sign of the zodiac “crucified” out of our conscious awareness for a reason? Was this to remove the “Christ Consciousness” from our day-to-day lives, and attempt at keeping us from reaching this on our own? This removal pre-dates the “time of Christ”, by millennia, to the Babylonians. The stories of this Consciousness also pre-dates…

See Part 2

~ Seven Star (Lester Greenwood)
Woman Who Walks Through Spirit (Andrea Brenton)


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