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The River

The River

Hopi Elders Prophesy
“To my fellow swimmers: 
here is a river flowing now very fast.

It is so great and swift, that there are those who will be afraid,
who will try to hold on to the shore,
they are being torn apart and will suffer greatly.
Know that the river has its destination.

The elders say we must let go of the shore,
push off into the middle of the river,
and keep our heads above water.

And I say see who is there with you and celebrate.

At this time in history we are to take nothing personally,
least of all ourselves, for the moment we do,
our spiritual growth and journey come to a halt.

The time of the lone wolf is over.

Gather yourselves.
Banish the word struggle from your attitude and vocabulary.
All that we do now must be done in a sacred manner and in celebration.

For we are the ones we have been waiting for.”

– With gratitude for the message of the Hopi Elders, brought to the people in 2000. In recognition of the changes that have occurred over the last 10 years, and are still occurring. We offer this note to further assist you on your journey.

I have known about this writing for some time, and believe this to be an absolute truth.
In this time of transformation, over the past 4 – 6 weeks, the movement of the water has quickened. I realize that this story is transforming. I have had an opportunity to look around me in the river, and see the others that are gathering here. We have made great efforts to make sacred space, for people to gather. I feel its time to become the water, to BE the River. I recognize that the River has undercurrents, and whirlpools. The only way I can see to remove the word “struggle”, from my attitude and vocabulary, in this turbulent water, is to become the water. This allows me to free myself from taking this personally. It helps me to understand how to assist in carving the new way, through the mountains, to tumble the shattered stones, to the smooth rocks, to soften the edges, to create new valleys, so that we may find Peace again. It has been my experience that emotions are running high right now, like a Great Flood. I’m hoping that this letter will help us embrace this water, that we might rise to new levels of awareness, of our Selves, and others.

Water is one of the most powerful forces on this planet, known to Man. Our bodies are made up of 70-80% water. Many traditions recognize Water as the element that represents emotion. Emotions are fluid, and ever changing, and a powerful force to form our “landscape”. Emotions effect our physical bodies, effect what we choose to surround ourselves with (in our homes and environments), effect our choices (where to live, how to live). They affect our choices in the directions we take in our lives, and our movement through the experience of Life.

Our movement through this experience of Life, is the movement of the Water. It is my belief that this is what the Elders were speaking about, in reference to the River. If we choose to not move, and hold on to the roots at the bank, the movement of the River will tear us apart, because Life will pass us by. This is the “struggle” that we perceive. The roots are our past experiences, learned behaviors, and those of others in our lives. The lessons are all that need to come forward. Now is the time to push off from the bank, without fear, into the River.

As we know, water can be a Healer, but it can also be a Destroyer. Such is the same with emotions. I have experienced deep sadness and great joy over the past few years, and in that experience, I have found a place of balance, in between the two. Balance can be found through “value placement”, realizing that there are options in the thought process behind the emotion. If you have sympathy for another, you are saying “I feel your pain/sorrow.etc”. This creates “feelings”, that “feed” the root system, holding both to the bank, caught up in the problem. If, instead, you have empathy for the other, you are saying “I understand your pain/sorrow/etc”. This allows you to care, and understand, without needing to “feed” the situation. You prevent yourself from getting caught up in the roots, and allows you to offer opportunities for solutions. When you re-act, you would be taking action, strictly based on the feeling. A response would be the stepping back from that feeling, examining it thoroughly and coming to an understanding of its origin, before taking action. In this way, we allow ourselves to take nothing personally, and, therefore, we don’t stop our own Spiritual growth, and are able to move as fluidly as the water.

For centuries, in construction work, we have used water to help us to determine the leveling of the foundations of our buildings. The surface of the water will always find “level”, as it finds its place of balance. As we find balance in the “value placement”, the choice of the emotional experience, we can allow ourselves to let go of the fears, the roots, and become merged with the River. The River represents the emotions and freedom of expression, through creativity, personal truth, passion for life, Joy. This flow brings us the balance.

As we let go of the bank, and allow ourselves to flow with the River, we join together in the River, and we can now become the River. This is a force that becomes so powerful, it creates great change. Through our intention, as a whole, we also create that Great Change. The time of the Lone Wolf is over. We have come to this place to support each other, recognizing each other’s unique gifts, coming together in communities. Each community is the coming together, to become the River. When these communities move forward, as all rivers flow to the ocean, they will unite, in the common goals and values of Peace and Love. As our River flows forward, so we shape the landscape of our world, carving the New Way, smoothing the edges, finding the place between the mountains and the valleys. When we do this in celebration, in a Sacred Way, we find the place of balance. As we flow to the ocean, we discover the undiscovered, of what lies beyond.

– Seven Star (Lester Greenwood)
Woman Who Walks Through Spirit (Andrea Brenton)


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