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The Road

In these great times of change, at the beginning of this new year, I am being guided to share some insights, on the paths forward through our relationships, with everything, and everyone, around us. These relationships are those we have with our Self, Nature, our environment, our friends, family, and partners. We have become stuck in patterns, those learned from our past observations and experiences. They may have been useful to get us to this point in time, but there are some pieces of the foundations that we have built, that could be made stronger. To do that, we need to begin again, with our relationship with our Self, with Nature, with our environment. In doing so, we can begin to add strength to those foundations for our future relationships.

As children, we were never taught how to be in relationship with the Self. We are taught how to “fit in” and “make due”, with half-truths and compromising your own integrity, but few parents are able to guide the Child to the relationship with the Adult. When we are taught that you have to watch every word that you say, to make sure that no one’s feelings are hurt, we loose the ability to stand in our truth, and speak from the heart. We learn so much, especially as children, simply by observing the behaviors of those around us. When a good natured family competition can be viewed by a youth, as something that one needs to become a part of, this can become a pattern that is hard to get out of. The simple competition can become a way that one proves one’s own value, needing to be “better than” every one else, in order to feel “OK”. Because there is no handbook to raising children, we tend to forget how easily these behaviors can be misinterpreted, especially when they are behaviors we learned as children, ourselves. When we carry these patterns forward, we have difficulty finding our own worth, without comparing oneself to others. As a foundation, this leaves us with a very poor relationship with the Self. We can only teach our children that, no matter what kind of “competition” they might observe, the more important outcome is that they do their best, and that their best is the Best thing there is. When we can learn that the Self has value, our own Personal Truth has value, regardless of anyone else’s input, we can build that foundation in a more balanced way.

As children we design paths to getting our needs met. Think of these paths as roadways through the landscape of our lives. These roadways are the foundations of our relationships. When we wish to build a road, to get from one point to another, the choice is usually the shortest distance and the straightest line. When we clear this path, cut the trees, pull the stumps, and pave directly over the landscape, we create this wild ride, over the bumps, down into the deep valleys, on this brand new road. Its fun at first, but as the road gets older, it starts developing pot holes, and cracks in the pavement, and bridges that are failing. This road begins to become very difficult to travel.

The infant cries, knowing that it will get its bottle, and thus a pattern is learned, a “road” is paved. These “roadways” are the way that we connect, within our relationships. The infant’s “roadway” is in its purest form, coming from natural Truths. The infant is not confined by concerns of whether it is “too loud”, or if it is keeping someone awake. The infant simply needs to use its voice, in order to convey the message. As we get older, we tend to loose that place of Truth, and the clear cutting begins, in order to form new “roadways”. Clearing the way for the road, clear cutting and paving, ignoring Nature around us, is similar to the way we create these paths to relationships with others. We ignore our own Nature, pave over our own Truths, in order to create the smoothest, quickest path to getting our wants met within a relationship. Because we are not standing on a foundation of Personal Truth, honesty and integrity is lost, and the road becomes difficult travel and maintain.

When our personal “roadways” become too difficult to maintain, we tend to simply choose not to travel them anymore. This is also evident in the surroundings we have created. When it becomes more costly to retrofit existing buildings, we tear them down and build new ones. Often the buildings aren’t even torn down, they are simply left empty, as a statement that it is “OK” to do this. In doing this we start to deplete our Natural resources, as these building materials have to come from somewhere. In the same way, we deplete our personal resources, our own energies, when we create “roadways”, or relationships that we no longer maintain. Leaving behind the empty shell of these relationships creates scars, littering the landscape our personal lives. Even after the “road” forks, taking the individuals in different directions, there is still a common “roadway” that was created. There is no need to build barriers, leaving more scars and wounds, for all involved. Honoring and respecting the “road” that led you to your current path, helps to bring healing, and creates a more solid foundation for your new “roadways”.

The foundation of a good relationship, with the Self, or anyone else, is the ability to stand in your own Truth. When you are not able to stand in your own Truth, you no longer have the confidence in your Self, you compromise who you are, and the foundation is left unbalanced. Because that foundation starts out as unstable, unbalanced, the foundations of all other relationships will also be unbalanced.
As adults, in today’s society, we must learn how to regain that position, find the balance within our Truth. We must make our own relationships balanced, more stable, if we are going to move forward, to teach the children how to begin with a sound structure.

As we start the New Year, we can take the first step. Reflection on the past, understanding and accepting the “roads” that we have created so far, on this journey of life, is a good place to start. The way to start building more solid foundations, is to begin with the relationship that we have created with the Self. When we can recognize our own Personal Truth, can become comfortable with who we are right now, we can begin to heal. We need to learn to put certain “pitfalls” behind us, in order to start repairs. What creates these “pitfalls”? A lack of self-esteem, wounded pride, the feeling of a loss of control, creating competition, self judgment- all are stumbling blocks along the way. These all can bring a sense of needing to be “better than”. We are perfect the way that we were Created. All Souls are Equal, no one “better than” another. When we can put these “pitfalls” behind us, we can learn to Love the Self. With that as a foundation, all other relationships can become stronger.

The process of building our highways takes time, involving the removal of the rocks and trees that might be in the way, smoothing the surfaces. This process is a lot of work. Much is the same with our own personal process, of rebuilding the “roadways”, and lines of communication, of our relationships. It takes time and work. At times, the repaired “roadways” may take on a new appearance, may become something different. This is a natural part of the process, as we move into a better relationship with the Self, with our own Personal Truth. It takes practice, and acceptance of your Self, as you are. If there are things that you wish to change, to become more aligned with your Truth, then change them! Remember that only you can ultimately makes changes in your Self, just as others have the control over their own personal Truths. We can only work on our own end, we cannot make anyone else feel or behave as we would wish. We must accept each other, as we accept the Self, UNconditionally.

As the infant uses its voice, from a place of its own Truth, to communicate its needs and wants, so must we learn to stand within our own Truth, and communicate with those around us. We must also learn to listen, and hear the Truth from each other, as we hope others would listen to us, without judgment. We can choose to take action, to move forward, or we can continue to live with “broken roads”. We can continue to cover our mouths, and keep our words inside, creating a sense of frustration, or we can choose to speak up. We can sit idly by, watching the foundations crumble, or we can do the work that it takes to rebuild. When we come from the place within the Heart, speaking our Truth, true communication can begin. True healing can begin. This is true for our relationship, not just with the Self, but with partners, parents, children, brothers and sisters, community, Nature, and our environment. Coming from this place, we can learn UNconditional Love, for All.

~ Lester Greenwood (Seven Star)
Andrea Brenton (Woman Who Walks Through Spirit)

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This Holiday Season

I started writing this last winter, and with so very much happening in my life since then, I am only now remembering that this was here, needing to be finished.

For many, this is such a very busy season, all gearing up for the “big days”. Pondering what it all means, how much all of the hustle and bustle, leading to one big “whoop!”, really manages to place its “spirit” in our hearts. Last year I spent the holiday with my parents, going into the stores with my Dad, who is very outgoing, made me think about how much of our time is spent so worked up about the gifts and feasts, that we miss the importance of the season. Dad made sure to say a “Merry Christmas” to everyone in the store, but very few returned in kind, and many responded with a look of dismay, even annoyance.

I have always loved the Holiday Season, as a time that we can be reminded to be kind to each other, to fill our hearts with Love and Joy. As I get older, and the children get older, that type of magic seems to be more difficult to bring to that day, or week. I find that as I grow and become more of my Self, every day is filled with Joy. Every day is magical, and filled with wonder. Every moment I get to spend with loved ones, and in communion with Spirit, is a JOY. I found that this made the “holiday season” difficult to make any more special than Every Day. The big parties and dinners, the gifts and cards, all wonderful things, but take far too much time and stress, that it takes away from the JOY in the Every Day.

I have noticed how very much people tend to get caught up in this “Season”, how it can become a very overwhelming, and even depressing time of the year. There is a tendency to become so involved in the “gift giving” aspect, and the desire (or need?) to “one up” the last gift. So many people put themselves in a place of debit in order to make it a “perfect” holiday, that they spend at least the next year paying it off. I spent many years in this space, trying to make sure that the children got everything that they could have possibly wanted, decorating the house, making the special foods, having gatherings, etc. Yet, I never really felt that it was enough.

Often at this time of year, we find ourselves reassessing our lives, our relationships, our goals. That is a natural phase, at this point in the Cycle, in the Wheel of the Year. As the trees have dropped their leaves, and retreat to a sort of “hibernation”, so should we. We need to release old patterns and thought forms, allow ourselves to look INward, and find the strengths and beauty within.

So often the depression that is felt at this time of year, is based on the “need” for the “perfect Christmas Card” relationships. We should be concentrating on the relationship that we have with the Self, long before we worry about the ones we have with others. We should not be looking to another’s loving words, promises of love (through gifts?), or even actions, as affirmation of who we are. We ARE! When you can find your “gifts” within yourself, whatever they are, and accept, and reJOYce, in them, you are whole. You do not need to be “validated”, because you are already “valid”. There is such a tendency to compare ourselves with others, which is unnecessary, because you are a unique being of your own. All Souls are Equal. Your “gifts” may be that you are a great cook, nourishing the people in your life. You may be a healer, because you are able to listen and offer a gentle touch.

Over the past few years, I have come to realize that there is so much more. I have found, that in the past two years, I have had little interest in going all out in decorating. Not only have I found it to be more financially sound, I have had felt it to be more spiritually rewarding to trim down on the gift-giving. I would much rather be able to spend the TIME with the people I love, than to bring them things that I bought, that they will possibly put away and never use. The friends and family I am surrounded by ARE the gifts! Being able to exchange the energy of Love is the most amazing present I have ever been given!

We are surrounded by incredible energies at this time of year. These energies can add to the more mundane frantic “Holiday Season”. This year, the Solstice will fall on a Full Moon, with a total lunar eclipse. We can witness the rebirth of both the Sun, and the Moon. We have just come through the Geminid meteor showers. (Interesting facts about the Geminid- the meteors are identified with an asteroid, not a comet, as others are. The 3200 Phaethon Asteriod has on orbit that takes it closer to the Sun than any other numbered asteroid.) These are, in general, recurring events (Solstice, Geminids, Full Moon, lunar eclipse), but the fact that they are happening at the same time, is unusual.

The last time there was a lunar eclipse of a full moon, on the Solstice, was 1638. At that time, the transit of Venus was first noted, as occurring in pairs, eight years apart. We were in the middle of those two transits then, as we are right now. In the early 1600s Shakespeare was writing some of his greatest plays; “Don Quixote” was written; the Palace of Versailles was built, as was the Taj Mahal; people migrated from Europe to the Americas, bringing new ideas and hope with those settlers for a new life (regardless of the terrible impact on the indigenous peoples, it was a new hope for those people who settled); Galileo publicly supported the ideas of Copernicus, that the Earth revolves around the Sun, and not the other way around, as was generally accepted at the time (ok, so it didn’t turn out well for him, as he was eventually tried by the Inquisition for this); the Suffragist Movement was started in the US, beginning the movement for women’s rights; the abacus was invented, as was the first calculator; what we now call the baroque style of music began being expressed in composition (a lively style that “expresses the fundamental order of the Universe”). This was the beginning of the “Age of Enlightenment” (although some historians refer to the 1600s as the “Age of Reason”, a prelude to “Enlightenment”). Even though many of these strides forward may have had “negative repercussions” for some, this was a time when Humankind was moving and expanding, with invention, expression, and property.

Is it possible that this similar energy, as was present in the early 1600s, is the beginning of what we will come to call a new age of Spiritual Enlightenment? All of these great steps forward for humanity seem to come with a level of discomfort (to say the least, at times). When we step outside of the material world, and allow ourselves to be more in tune with Nature, we can feel these energies more intensely, and can find a way to use those energies for our own growth. When we are caught up in the material, and do not pay attention to the cycles of Nature, those energies can create a response that we are unable to explain a reason for. Our personal lives can become confused, and relationships may suffer.

This Holiday Season, I ask you to consider the “Gifts”. We are all in charge of being our own “Santa”, bringing the things that we need most in our lives, into our lives. Take a break from the hustle and bustle, sit back and relax, and picture your Self (your Higher Self, maybe?) handing you a beautifully wrapped gift. Explore what that gift looks and feels like. Open it, with great JOY, to discover all that awaits you for the coming year! Remember, you are in charge of what you receive. Make the best use of the energies of the Season, and make this YOUR time of Enlightenment.

Have a JOYful Holiday Season! EnJOY every moment of every day!

~ Woman Who Walks Through Spirit (Andrea Brenton)

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The River

The River

Hopi Elders Prophesy
“To my fellow swimmers: 
here is a river flowing now very fast.

It is so great and swift, that there are those who will be afraid,
who will try to hold on to the shore,
they are being torn apart and will suffer greatly.
Know that the river has its destination.

The elders say we must let go of the shore,
push off into the middle of the river,
and keep our heads above water.

And I say see who is there with you and celebrate.

At this time in history we are to take nothing personally,
least of all ourselves, for the moment we do,
our spiritual growth and journey come to a halt.

The time of the lone wolf is over.

Gather yourselves.
Banish the word struggle from your attitude and vocabulary.
All that we do now must be done in a sacred manner and in celebration.

For we are the ones we have been waiting for.”

– With gratitude for the message of the Hopi Elders, brought to the people in 2000. In recognition of the changes that have occurred over the last 10 years, and are still occurring. We offer this note to further assist you on your journey.

I have known about this writing for some time, and believe this to be an absolute truth.
In this time of transformation, over the past 4 – 6 weeks, the movement of the water has quickened. I realize that this story is transforming. I have had an opportunity to look around me in the river, and see the others that are gathering here. We have made great efforts to make sacred space, for people to gather. I feel its time to become the water, to BE the River. I recognize that the River has undercurrents, and whirlpools. The only way I can see to remove the word “struggle”, from my attitude and vocabulary, in this turbulent water, is to become the water. This allows me to free myself from taking this personally. It helps me to understand how to assist in carving the new way, through the mountains, to tumble the shattered stones, to the smooth rocks, to soften the edges, to create new valleys, so that we may find Peace again. It has been my experience that emotions are running high right now, like a Great Flood. I’m hoping that this letter will help us embrace this water, that we might rise to new levels of awareness, of our Selves, and others.

Water is one of the most powerful forces on this planet, known to Man. Our bodies are made up of 70-80% water. Many traditions recognize Water as the element that represents emotion. Emotions are fluid, and ever changing, and a powerful force to form our “landscape”. Emotions effect our physical bodies, effect what we choose to surround ourselves with (in our homes and environments), effect our choices (where to live, how to live). They affect our choices in the directions we take in our lives, and our movement through the experience of Life.

Our movement through this experience of Life, is the movement of the Water. It is my belief that this is what the Elders were speaking about, in reference to the River. If we choose to not move, and hold on to the roots at the bank, the movement of the River will tear us apart, because Life will pass us by. This is the “struggle” that we perceive. The roots are our past experiences, learned behaviors, and those of others in our lives. The lessons are all that need to come forward. Now is the time to push off from the bank, without fear, into the River.

As we know, water can be a Healer, but it can also be a Destroyer. Such is the same with emotions. I have experienced deep sadness and great joy over the past few years, and in that experience, I have found a place of balance, in between the two. Balance can be found through “value placement”, realizing that there are options in the thought process behind the emotion. If you have sympathy for another, you are saying “I feel your pain/sorrow.etc”. This creates “feelings”, that “feed” the root system, holding both to the bank, caught up in the problem. If, instead, you have empathy for the other, you are saying “I understand your pain/sorrow/etc”. This allows you to care, and understand, without needing to “feed” the situation. You prevent yourself from getting caught up in the roots, and allows you to offer opportunities for solutions. When you re-act, you would be taking action, strictly based on the feeling. A response would be the stepping back from that feeling, examining it thoroughly and coming to an understanding of its origin, before taking action. In this way, we allow ourselves to take nothing personally, and, therefore, we don’t stop our own Spiritual growth, and are able to move as fluidly as the water.

For centuries, in construction work, we have used water to help us to determine the leveling of the foundations of our buildings. The surface of the water will always find “level”, as it finds its place of balance. As we find balance in the “value placement”, the choice of the emotional experience, we can allow ourselves to let go of the fears, the roots, and become merged with the River. The River represents the emotions and freedom of expression, through creativity, personal truth, passion for life, Joy. This flow brings us the balance.

As we let go of the bank, and allow ourselves to flow with the River, we join together in the River, and we can now become the River. This is a force that becomes so powerful, it creates great change. Through our intention, as a whole, we also create that Great Change. The time of the Lone Wolf is over. We have come to this place to support each other, recognizing each other’s unique gifts, coming together in communities. Each community is the coming together, to become the River. When these communities move forward, as all rivers flow to the ocean, they will unite, in the common goals and values of Peace and Love. As our River flows forward, so we shape the landscape of our world, carving the New Way, smoothing the edges, finding the place between the mountains and the valleys. When we do this in celebration, in a Sacred Way, we find the place of balance. As we flow to the ocean, we discover the undiscovered, of what lies beyond.

– Seven Star (Lester Greenwood)
Woman Who Walks Through Spirit (Andrea Brenton)

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A Retrieval of “Christ Consciousness” PART 1

It has come to our attention that many people these days are feeling “off balance”, that there is “something missing”, feeling a level of “disconnection”. In seeking answers to this, we have found some common threads, that leave us questioning what has been taught to the people, as “truths”. We are not here to place blame, or lessen anyone’s belief system, but there are important aspects that must be brought into our consciousnesses. These are things that have been in many people’s minds, for many years, but the level of awareness is increasing, and we need to be more in tune with these energies, in order to move forward, more balanced. The time of year that we are in currently, in relation to the cosmos, is a vital aspect of these “missing links”.

We have been, among ourselves, discussing the thirteenth zodiac sign, missing from modern astrology, that we are entering into at this time. This would be when the Sun passes through the constellation of Ophiuchus. The actual time the Sun spends in the each of the constellations is actually very different than the 30 days that the “tropical zodiac” system places them in. And there are 13 of them. Ophiuchus is shown in maps of the constellations as a man holding a serpent (or two, depending on the picture). The myth behind him is that of Asclepius, the healer. Asclepius was said to have learned healing arts, finding a way to keep death at bay, by observing two serpents. One brought healing herbs to the other. Hades was afraid that this knowledge would allow the humans to become immortal, putting him out of business as the God of Death, if Asclepius were allowed to bring his healing to the people. Hades went to his brother Zeus, and demanded he put a stop to this, so Zeus struck Asclepius down with a lightning bolt, only to place him in the night sky as a place of honoring. Other mythological figures sometimes associated with this constellation includes the Egyptian Imhotep, another healer, also the architect of the pyramids.

Somehow along the way, the honoring of the healer, has been lost, through time or ignorance. If you know someone born between Nov 30 and Dec 18, they would be born under the sign of The Healer. In fact, all of the zodiac signs would shift, if you were going by the actual passage of the Sun (and the planets) through the constellations. You can find more information about the dates of each sign, and information on the sign’s traits:

Recently, we found a wonderful article by NASA, discussing the very same event. Yes, NASA! The article can be found at To quote some of that information, “…what really happens when the sun enters the zodiac’s 13th house: An interstellar wind hits our planet. It’s a helium-rich breeze from the stars, flowing into the solar system from the direction of Ophiuchus. The sun’s gravity focuses the material into a cone and Earth passes through it during the first weeks of December. We’re inside the cone now.” This seems to happen every year, when the Sun enters Ophiuchus. Could the subconscious awareness of this energy, streaming to the earth, have something to do with the way that we react at this time of the year? Could this be some of the reason that so many of us, as we reach higher levels of awareness, are feeling “off” at this time? Interesting that this is a “helium breeze”. Maybe that’s why we are feeling so “light-headed”, lol. To quote the NASA page “What’s out there? What’s coming? The answer lies in a breeze from the stars of the 13th house.”

So, why has this important figure been left out of our conscious awareness for so long? What is it that has been neglected from our everyday lives? Somewhere along the line, we’ve taken a large portion of the population, and denied them the right to recognize that they are born under the Sign of the Healer. Not to mention, the shifts that happen across the board. When we are trying to get more in balance with the Natural Rhythm, we should become more concerned with the movement of the celestial bodies in relation to us.

The “western zodiac” system is based on an elliptic, that is structured around the start point of the Spring Equinox, and the seasons of the Northern Hemisphere. Much easier to divide the circle into 12 equal portions. While the seasonal changes on this planet are important, this system keeps us as very “earth centric”, and removes the important aspect of the actual movement of objects in the solar system. To spread our selves out into the realm of the cosmos, we should be more aware of that Natural movement.

An important aspect to note, is the removal of the *13th* sign, and the fact that, although the Sun transits through it for far longer than Scorpio, this was the sign that was chosen to be removed- the HEALER. The secret of this may lie in the traits associated with this sign. The Seeker of Peace, Healer, Wisdom, Intuitive, Builder, Reaches for the Stars. This is, on some levels, the “Christ Consciousness”. The Sun moving through this sign right before the Solsitce (see part 2 for more), the qualities of the sign, 12 disciples PLUS ONE- all point us to a pondering. Was this sign of the zodiac “crucified” out of our conscious awareness for a reason? Was this to remove the “Christ Consciousness” from our day-to-day lives, and attempt at keeping us from reaching this on our own? This removal pre-dates the “time of Christ”, by millennia, to the Babylonians. The stories of this Consciousness also pre-dates…

See Part 2

~ Seven Star (Lester Greenwood)
Woman Who Walks Through Spirit (Andrea Brenton)

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The Lion roars, and the Eagle cries.

The Lion roars, and the Eagle cries. The new dawn is breaking, the light begins to shine through. And so we begin to see.

As humans, we are being asked to make some difficult observations, at this time. The children in our country are crying out for help, and we must question the assistance that they are being offered. They are learning from the example of the adults that surround them, needing to be medicated in order to feel that they are functional in today’s “normal society”.

The expectation of today’s “normal society” is the children who are well behaved and controllable, and the adult that works at their job, paying the bills, trying to get ahead, for fleeting moments of enjoyment. The adult, is also well behaved, and controllable. The cycle continues, day after day, so that the “pegs” all fit in the right “holes”. There is little room for the individual to be expressed, and to grow as a Being.

Over the years, there has been an acknowledgement of children being born into this world with a heightened awareness- Indigo Children, Crystal Children, Rainbow Children, Star Children. All of these are children who have come into the world, much more aware of the energies around them, and far more sensitive to their environment. Many of today’s adults are also in those categories, having tried to grow up with those sensitivities, with great confusion. As we try to grow, as spiritual beings having a human experience, it is time to recognize those new levels of awareness, and leave the Human Race, in order to become Human Beings. These are the people who come into this lifetime with empathic, telepathic, and psychic abilities, ESP, etc. Many adults today have spent their lifetime burying these abilities, so that they can “fit in the right hole”.

The “normal” response in today’s society, tends to be an attempt to quiet the sensitivities, making sure that the individual still “fits into the right hole”. In doing so, we diagnose new disorders that fit the “symptoms” of those awarenesses, and medicate them into silence. ADHA, Autism Spectrum, Depression, Anxiety, Bi Polar Disorder, Schizophrenia, etc (they are making up new ones all the time, lol), all on the rise in this country. Labels to place on the individual, boxes to place them in so that they “fit” somewhere. When the child learns that they have a “label”, they are often given a “way out”, an excuse for their behavior, which may serve them to the extent that the adults around them understand that they are “different”, but does a disservice in allowing them to always have that reason to not have to take responsibility for their own actions. Children with these awarenesses (disorders???), may be more difficult to manage, to teach, within the “normal society”.

While we acknowledge that there are valid “mental illnesses”, with all of the difficulties that go with those disorders, there are many instances where there are other underlying causes, that are going unnoticed. If you are hearing a voice (clairaudient) that warns you of dangers, and you follow its instructions, you might be considered to be schizophrenic. If you spend a large amount time in a room full of people, and are experiencing an overwhelming sadness, or anxiety when you walk into a busy store, you may be empathically picking up on the feelings of the others in the room, but might be diagnosed with a depression or anxiety disorder. The number of children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders is on the rise. These children are highly sensitive to the energies around them, processing more information in their brains than most of us are capable of processing. They cannot process this information at a rate that matches our general rate of speed, therefore they find the need to “shut down” in some aspect. For them, the world around them is “thick”, difficult to navigate from a higher vibration in a world of a lower vibration. They go into a “sensory overload”, needing to close off portions of their communication skills, in order to maintain some level of clarity in some areas.

Now more children, and adults, are medicated on a regular basis, to address these types of “symptoms of awareness” (called mental illness in “normal society”). A person that feels the need to hide his/her “gifts”, will struggle with confusion with no coping skills. Such a person may be diagnosed with any number of “disorders”, and be medicated to a point of conformity, feeling numb, sleepwalking through life. Many find themselves unable to live under these conditions, and will seek answers through counseling. While there are some in the mental health field that do help try to guide the person toward tools for self-help, a large number tend toward the building of a dependency on outside help, not recognizing that these “gifts” may exist, unable to steer the individual to finding the ways to self-awareness.

This “normal society” has isolated a large portion of its population, dependent on medication and social services, needing financial support from the government agencies, to be able to “function within normal parameters”, so that they may remain controlled by those very same agencies. These people are not much different than the “junkie” that needs his/her “fix”. Without the medications, or services, they are vulnerable to their anxiety attacks, deep depression, and other symptoms of their heightened awareness, because they have not learned other coping skills.

It is important for those with heightened awareness to learn the skills necessary in order to enjoy life more, without those dependencies. Some of the skills we should be learning/teaching are:
Responding, rather than re-acting. A Re-action would be taking action, strictly based on the feeling. A response would be the stepping back from that feeling, examining it thoroughly and coming to an understanding of its origin, before taking action.
Building self-esteem. Give your self credit for achievements, recognizing that you have done the best that you could with the information that you had at hand, and that you will learn from the experience and bring the lesson forward.
Value placement. Both positive and negative experiences are necessary. If you never felt sorrow, you would have nothing to compare to, to recognize happiness. One can find Joy in accepting that both must exist.
Meditation. Bring yourself into balance, within yourself, centering, which creates a calm clarity of thought.
Reconnection to natural environment. Walking in the woods, wading in the water, contact with animals (pets), being aware of Nature around you. These are all stimulants to our wellbeing.

These are a few coping tools that can help assist one in integrating a heightened awareness with the demands of living in the world today. Walking between the worlds, that of Nature, and that which humankind created (“normal society”), can be difficult. Finding one’s strengths, and working with them, can help, when using the “tool kit” you develop.

There are times when the person “diagnosed” is not the only one in need of these tools. The caretaker will also be in need, and is sometimes the one that learns the most from the experience. This is particularly evident in the cases with autistic children. All of those same coping techniques, along with remaining open to recognizing the “gifts” that those children come to us with, can help to make the situation one that gives us opportunities for solutions that will enlighten ourselves, as well as those around us.

Imagine, being given the choice between a bath of hot water, and a bath of lukewarm water. You know that the hot water will take some adjustment time, to get used to it in order to completely submerge, but that the relaxation benefits, in the long run, will be much more rewarding. The lukewarm water may be easy to jump into, but will become cool and uncomfortable in a short period of time, not offering any benefits to your stress level, in the long run. Which do you choose? Is medicating our population similar to throwing them into the lukewarm water? A medication that helps keep you from being depressed, yet does not allow you to feel the heights of happiness, is a double edged sword. Is it not worth the effort and patience to adjust to the hot water, when the benefits can bring us to Joy? Education and honing skills, may take work and adjustment, but will have a long-term effect that can be much more rewarding. As we learn this path, and lead by example, we help future generations.

We have been taught that “being different”, being more aware of something beyond our material reality, is a problem that needs to be solved. Medicating tends to be the solution of choice these days. We pose that this is NOT a “problem”, but an opportunity for a solution, leading to the growth of the Human Being. This is only a start to, what we hope, will lead to more discussions, more ideas, on how we can create these solutions. We welcome questions, and ideas! More to come…

~ Lester Greenwood (Seven Star)
Andrea Brenton (Woman Who Walks Through Spirit)

[from Lester: I want to thank the co-creator of this posting (Andrea), for taking some of the bite, the teeth and claws, out of this blog. Without this meeting of minds, and some editing, the passion of this message would have been overpowered by the passion of my roar and cry.]

Posted by: breathejoyinlife | November 13, 2010

The “New” Relationships

New Sacred relationships.

As we come into a place of Awakening, we are feeling more connections to each other, on a Spiritual level. These connections can be intense, and often misunderstood, misinterpreted. The connection with another, on this level, can bring a sense of “euphoria”, being almost “orgasmic”, and lead us to the sense of “falling in love”. There is a “falling in Love” with the other, but it is not something that needs to be interpreted from the physical level, the sexual attraction, etc, that our traditional view of relationships implies. This Love is a part of the UNconditional Love that knows no boundaries.

As we grow, we become more aware of each other’s energies. When we become open in this way, this allows others to share our personal energy fields. When we trust each other to make that kind of connection, we are feeling an inevitable sense of intimacy, which we have been taught to reserve for a sexual partner. As we move into higher levels of consciousness, we become more aware of this level of “intimacy”, which tends to lead to the assumption that there is a “more” that is “meant to be”, often leading to a physical relationship that may not be the healthiest choice for those involved. Recognize, that in these situations, we are dealing with feelings, and we tend to re-act to those, rather than respond. A Re-action would be taking action, strictly based on the feeling. A response would be the stepping back from that feeling, examining it thoroughly and coming to an understanding of its origin, before taking action.

These higher vibrational connections are part of what have been called “Soul Mates” or “Twin Flames”. In the lower vibrational levels that we functioned in, in the past, these connections of “Soul Mates” and “Twin Flames” were harder to recognize in our relationships with others. As we become more familiar with the new energies, we recognize many more people that resonate with our own personal energy. This has led us to the realization that “Soul Mates” can be a sister/brother or best friend. We connect with each other on a “Soul level”, creating “Soul Mates”. We tend to look for a “Twin Flame” relationship, seeking a partner that has qualities that we do not yet find in our Selves, in order to find a wholeness. What is often forgotten is that the “Twin Flames” must reside within the Self.

We all hold aspects of the Masculine and Feminine energies. We must realize that the “Twin Flames”, the Masculine and Feminine, hold a sacred place within the individual, and that only by finding the balance of both, within the Self, can we find the wholeness we seek. In the Orient, the concept of Yin-Yang shows the perfect balance between opposing, yet complimenting, polarities. The visual of the Yin-Yang symbol shows the balance of the white and black sides of the sacred circle, spiraling together, chasing each other, always in balance. These aspects of the circle represent the polarities of the Male and Female energies. They form the circle, together, balancing each other, each holding the energy of the other within. Without both halves, the circle cannot be whole. With the Wholeness of the Being, we find both polarities within our Self. We come to the meeting of the “Twin Flames” within. When we can find that balance of wholeness, when we unite the “Twin Flames” within the Self, we can move forward to the relationships that bring us closer to a Universal Spiritual level.

When we meet on a Spiritual level, when we feel the “intimacy” of that connection, we are making a connection with UNconditional Love, Love without conditions, without boundaries. This is the Love that the Creator (God/Goddess/Spirit/Universe/Source,etc) feels for all of Creation. The Love that brings us closer to that Source. All Souls are equal, not one more valued than another. When we judge that Love on the level of “traditional relationships”, we do a disservice to that UNconditional aspect of intimacy. In order to continue on this path of growth, moving closer to the Source, we find this a difficult, yet necessary, step in our development. In finding our Oneness, we must acknowledge and accept these “new” relationships, these “new” levels of “intimacy”.

The ideal in Human relationships is for All to be able share in the exchange of energy, in UNconditional Love. If you arrive at a function with “A”, and “X” seems to be an interesting person to spend time with, and you are obviously exchanging and sharing energy, why should anyone see that as lessening the relationship that you have with “A”? They are separate relationships, yet connected through you, and both benefit from sharing in your experience with the other. That doesn’t mean that you should be “bed-hopping”. Neither energy exchange ever needs to be on the physical plane, other than maybe a hug. When you sit and spend time talking with a friend, that is an exchange of energy, never sexual, but still beautiful, even euphoric at times. In your conversation, you may help each other reach new heights, new levels of awareness, new Spiritual awakening. Awakening to Spirit is euphoric, “a sense of well-being, or elation”!

Take note, changes have been in process for centuries. Slowly, but surely, these changes have come to the forefront, as we move closer to this new level of Consciousness. Because of the patterns that we have agreed upon for all of these centuries, we often find these “new” relationships confusing. That is simply a symptom of Growth. We will find our way through this stage, through complete honesty, with our Selves, and with each other.

In JOY and Love,
Seven Star
Woman Who Walks Through Spirit

Posted by: breathejoyinlife | September 17, 2010

Slumber No More

Children of the Earth, can you hear the Spirits’ call?
Wake up Children of the Earth,
Wake up to the Spirits’ call.

Do you feel as if the very Universe is speaking to you now?
Listen, you are dying, and you have only yourselves to blame.

Children of the Earth, can you hear the Spirits’ call?
Wake up Children of the Earth,
Wake up to the Spirits’ call.

For hundreds of years we have been standing by,
mindlessly observing the destruction of the very Mother who has provided for us.
Taking without giving back.

Children of the Earth, can you hear the Spirits’ call?
Wake up Children of the Earth,
Wake up to the Spirits’ call.

As we meander through our daily lives, thoughts pass through our minds.
Can I afford another loaf of bread?
Do I have enough gas to make it until payday?
What if my children get sick? How will we ever afford the medicine?

Children of the Earth, can you hear the Spirits’ call?
Wake up Children of the Earth,
Wake up to the Spirits’ call.

Open your eyes, my children, you fight needlessly amongst yourselves, at a time when ownership no longer matters.
What you fight for today, will have no worth tomorrow, for it will neither clothe nor feed you.
You cannot buy the Grace Of God, nor the help of a neighbor.

Wake up Children of the Earth.
Come together as brother and sister.
Learn to share and heal what is broken.
This is your only solution, or surely you will perish.
Wake up Children of the Earth!

~ Seven Star (LG)

Posted by: breathejoyinlife | August 21, 2010


On the way to Pittsburg, NH, coming into the mountains, a little church we passed had a great quote posted- “When life knocks you on your knees, come pray here.”  I loved that, because of the scenery, knowing that all around us is the perfect place to pray.  Every moment that we breathe we should be in prayer.  We shouldn’t wait until we are knocked to our knees to think about turning to the Sacred.

It amazes me how our perspective can effect how we experience our lives.  When we are worried about the “struggle” of every day life, of going to work and trying to get ahead, that is what it becomes.  When we do what we Love and Love what we do, there is no “work”.  When we relax and let the Universe provide, trusting and knowing that it will happen as and when it needs to, it does.

Watching the carpenter, who loves working with wood, and building, it doesn’t look like work.  For him, it is NOT work, it is life, it is doing what he enjoys more than anything.  When I am doing the “job” that I love, it is never really work.  Whether it is working on a massage client, bringing them to a place of healing, or it is building butterfly hairclips or jewelry for sale, or building the website store front, it is never work.  It is always a blessing! I have finally found that if I spend my life as it was meant to be, in JOY, with Spirit, walking in a Sacred Way, what I need will come to me, and I can manage all of the details that I must take care of to maintain the daily things like food, a home, etc.  Sometimes I might even find a little extra to be able to treat myself, lol.  There is never “work”, so everyday is a “vacation”.

I have watched so many people around me, all around the world, with the “struggle” that life can become.  It saddens me to see so many who are not able to find the JOY in every moment.  I have been there, and I do not like it.  I can tell when I am getting drawn back into that sense of urgency and struggle, and am finally in a place that I can recognize it, and know that I do not like it, lol.  I am incredibly grateful for people in my life that help to keep me aware of the JOY of the moments, every moment.

I understand that “struggle”, because about 6 years ago, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.  I was told that the effects had been present for some time in my life, slowly pushing their effects forward.  My mother had been diagnosed 25 years earlier, and I had spent much time feeling that she “just needed to get out and do more” to help “fix it”.  Funny, now I was in the place that I knew- you really don’t “get” MS unless you get MS.  For much of the past 6 years, it had been a daily process of waking up, not really knowing how well I will be able to get around, until I tried to get out of bed, lol.

For the first few years, it was a “struggle”, a “trauma” of sorts.  Loosing some of my vision, control of my hands at times, difficulty walking, all of which would leave me wondering what the future would bring.  Somewhere along the way I Woke Up.  I am still able to type this blog post, so I have enough full use of my hands.  I can still provide a good massage, and reiki treatments, so those hands can be put to good use.  I am still able to walk, some days better than others, but I can get around and do all of the things that I need to do, that I love to do.  This spring I managed to climb a mountain!  It wasn’t “easy”, I needed many rest stops, and there were times I almost told my companion to go on without me, but I made it to the top, and then back down, without falling.  I was still able to move the next day, lol.  Without the encouragement I received that day, I don’t know if I would have made it, but I would also never have done it if I had let myself wallow in self-pity over the “struggle”.  It was an empowering experience!  I may not be able to go on the daily walks I would love to be able to take, but I climbed a mountain.  And I don’t feel that I am missing out, because every day is a new adventure, and tomorrow, I just might wake up and be able to take that walk.

I find that it isn’t a “struggle”, and the “challenge” part is a daily lesson in how to adapt.  I rarely talk about “having MS”, altho I find I am more open now than I used to be, because I am more comfortable with myself.  I don’t “have” MS, I was “diagnosed with” it.  It is not “my condition/disease”, I do not own it, it does not own me, lol.  I work on a daily basis to find the place of balance within my Self, that helps me to find balance in my body.  I allow myself to take it slowly when my body gets tired, and make sure that I go to bed early enough to get as much sleep as I can. I sometimes get frustrated when my fingers won’t handle beads or feathers without some challenge, but to create such beautiful things, inspired by Spirit, makes every challenging moment a blessing.  I see more now than I ever did before, because I no longer worry about what my eyes can see, but what my heart and spirit can see.

I find the rest of my life to be the same.  If I focus too closely on “where will the money come to pay this month’s electric bill”, then I have created that struggle.  When I know within myself that the things that need to be paid, will be paid as needed, because all will come to me when I need it, there is no “struggle”, and things fall into place.  Sometimes that means a trip somewhere to make some sales, or do some “work”.  And often that “work” is not necessarily the kind that would give me cash, but the kind that shows me how much Spirit provides for me.  A place to sleep for the night, food to share, provided by a friend, all ease any kind of “burden” that might have existed.  Simply knowing that I am Loved, for who I am, UNconditionally, is the most fulfilling “payment” that I could ever ask for.

I do not believe in limited resources.  I believe this is an infinite Universe, and that the limitations that we run into are those that we have agreed upon.  I do not accept this limitation, and allow myself to reach for everything that I desire.  My desires are much more simple now than they ever were when I was caught up in the “struggle of limitations”.  The things that I see and feel and experience today, are things that are more priceless than anything I could have ever imagined before.  The “challenges” that I might experience on a physical body level, only make every experience that much more Sacred of a Blessing!
So, going back to the beginning of this blog, I encourage you to LIVE your Life, with every moment in Prayer!  All around you, every tree, blade of grass, cloud in the sky, are the places that we should be looking to as our Place of Worship.  Live in gratitude for the simplest of things, and the Universe hears your JOY.  Joy breeds more JOY, and more is provided to you.  It doesn’t matter how it looks to anyone else around you.  Its doesn’t matter how big your house is, how expensive your car, you won’t care anymore, lol.  When every day is a “vacation” because you are in JOY and gratitude, every action is Sacred “work”, your whole perspective changes.

~Woman Who Walks Through Spirit

Posted by: breathejoyinlife | July 15, 2010

“Right” and Wrong”

As an energy worker, I recognize that the words “wrong” and “right”, between 2 individuals, in an exchange, would create a loss of personal power, or a gain. To be told that you are “wrong”, creates a defensive posture, and a loss of personal power. To be told that you are “right”, gives you a false gain of power and security.  That closes the door to more information about a situation. Through my observation, to “agree” or “disagree” leaves a conversation in balance. To “agree” means no one feels less-than. To “disagree” with someone allows me to be open to more information, so that we may come to some kind of agreement. This allows the conversation to remain a balanced exchange of energy, because we will be able to Agree, that we Disagree, until further information is available, on either side of the coversation.

The question was asked, “Does this mean I CAN agree to disagree with someone and we are still in a balance of sorts, or I Can’t because  it leaves things unfished and unresloved which tends to throw me off?”

It doesn’t leave it unfinished. If you finish a conversation, and you both agree to disagree, it leaves both of you open for more information. You may still disagree, but you will know where you stand. That is finishing it. If you can’t find the footing to agree, why waste the energy any further. You are both standing on your truth, so there is no right or wrong.

Posted by: breathejoyinlife | July 14, 2010

Can we truly LOVE Everything? Everyone?

I say a resounding “YES!!!!” to the question!  Miriam-Webster defines “Love”  as ” strong affection for another arising out of kinship or personal ties”, “warm attachment, enthusiasm, or devotion”, and “unselfish loyal and benevolent concern for the good of another”.  Also found is “a strong positive emotion of regard and affection”.  Often, in this human experience, we find the need to equate “Love” with sexual attraction, but I think that, from most of our experiences, we’ve found that they don’t necessarily go hand-in-hand, lol.  Certainly there is Love that we feel for family and friends that is well outside the realm of physical attraction, lol.

If the goal in this lifetime is to connect with Source (Creator/Universe/God/Goddess/All-That-Is), then we can begin to do so in Love.  We recognize that, as any good Parent would, Creator Loves all of Creation, UNconditionally, each the same.  That doesn’t mean that there aren’t different ways to Love, but all levels are equal, in an UNconditional setting.  In reaching toward connecting, and reuniting with Source, we must learn to Love Everything on an UNconditional level.  A “condition” is defined as “a restricting or modifying factor”.  So, conditioned Love is when you say you will “Love someone/something, as long as…”- as long as the flower smells nice, as long as you treat me the way I want you to, as long as you behave.  UNconditional Love says, “I Love you, no matter what”.  To Love ALL things, UNconditionally, we cannot place the value of one over the other.  I Love the strawberry and the lima bean equally!  I love the rose and the daisy the same!  That doesn’t mean that I don’t prefer the taste of the strawberry more that the lima bean, lol.  In fact, I don’t enJOY the flavor of the lima bean much, at all, lol.   To “like” something is “to take pleasure” in it.  To “prefer” something is “to place above” others.  Yes, I place the enJOYment of the strawberry’s flavor over that of the lima bean.  I don’t really take much pleasure from the lima bean.  BUT, I Love them both the same, UNconditionally!  “How?”, you might ask, laughingly.  I feel that “regard and affection” for the life-force of both, equally.  I feel the “kinship” of both living beings.  I feel “benevolent concern for the well being” of both.  The same holds true for the rose and the daisy!  I may “prefer” the scent of the rose, but I Love them both, and feel drawn to each at different times.

How, then, does that relate to Human relationships?  I can feel the energy exchange between myself and another person through a hug, or even a handshake, or nod of the head.  I become more sensitive to that, the more I grow as a Spiritual person.  Just as I can feel the energy exchange with the bird, that just flew under the awning with me.  Or with the trees, when they send a cool breeze my way on a hot day.  There is an energy exchange with everything within this Human experience, even more so between Humans themselves.  That simple touch of a hug can transfer so much Love!  With an UNconditional Love, it has no limits, and it has no restriction.  My Spirit, connecting with the Spirit of another.  In Spirit, there is no need for ownership, or sexual overtones, because Spirit does not work on that level.  As Humans, we do, you say.  Yes, but, we are also striving to reach Spirit.  We seek to achieve the state of BEing Spirit, one with the Source.  In doing so, we can remove those limitations, Loving each other.

If I can feel the energy exchange with each and every being I come in contact with, and Love UNconditionally, then I no longer place value of one over the other.  The same should be true in our personal relationships with each other.  I may Love my lover, but that doesn’t mean that I Love him any more than anyone else on this planet.  We might think that this is a necessary part of the Human relationship between lovers, but I ask you “why?”.  I Love both of my children, UNconditionally, neither one taking place over the other.  Why can I not Love all people, UNconditionally, no one taking a place over another?  By placing names on relationships, we tend to limit them, creating a possessiveness that can eventually cause harm or confusion.  When we say “MY boy/girl friend”, “MY husband/wife”, “MY partner”, even “MY lover” or “MY friend”, those terms tend to imply a status of them “belonging to ME”.  While the terms themselves don’t necessarily imply that possessiveness (partner, friend), there is still a tendency within those Human relationships to make sure that everyone knows that we might not want to share.

A dear friend likes to use the analogy of the flower.  If I find a lovely flower, I can admire it, enJOYing how sweet it smells, how lovely it looks.  I can pick that flower and place it lovingly in a vase, and care for it perfectly, and enJOY it. This would be the “honeymoon phase”.  But, the flower will eventually stop growing, and shrivel up and die.  If I leave it where it is, and allow others to share in its beauty, it will be allowed to grow to its fullest extent, and be there whenever I wish to enJOY it, as well as when others wish to enJOY.

If we limit our relationships with others, we pick that flower, and it will no longer be free to grow to its fullest potential.  Not all relationships necessarily hamper the people involved, but the freedom to explore and express one’s self is not usually implied.  Somewhere along the way, we lost the feeling of being connected to the Source, and in that, we lost some of the feeling of “belonging” or “being Loved”.  Perhaps early on we were caught up in the battle of one wanting power over the other, in order to attempt to feel closer to Source.  Who knows how it all began, but as I strive to move closer to Source, I must let go of those feelings.  We tend to turn to a lover or friend, seeking to feel that sense of “belonging”, looking for a validation of our own BEing.  Yet, when we begin to Love our Selves, UNconditionally, we no longer need to turn to others for that feeling.  Then we can begin to Love everyone, everything, UNconditionally.  When being introduced to someone as “MY partner/friend/etc, Andrea”, why should that make me feel any more welcomed into the situation than simply being introduced as “Andrea”?  It should NOT, if I am comfortable with who *I* am!

The ideal in Human relationships is for All to be able share in the exchange of energy, in UNconditional Love.  If I arrive at a function with “A”, and “X” seems to be an interesting person to spend time with, and we are obviously exchanging and sharing energy, why should anyone see that as lessening the relationship I have with “A”?  They are separate relationships, yet connected through me, and both benefit from sharing in my experience with the other.  That doesn’t mean that I’d say I’m going “bed-hopping”, lol.  Neither energy exchange ever needs to be on the physical place, other than maybe a hug.  When I sit and spend time talking with a friend, that is an exchange of energy, never sexual, but still beautiful, even euphoric at times.  In our conversation, we may help each other reach new heights, new levels of awareness, new Spiritual awakening.  Awakening to Spirit is euphoric, “a sense of well-being, or elation”!

So, I sing out to the Universe, “I LOVE EVERYTHING! UNconditionally!”  That includes Loving every ONE!   I LOVE YOU!

~Woman Who Walks Through Spirit

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